One of our cabaret performers for hire in Brighton and London, vintage female cabaret singer performs in corset and long gloves with vintage mic at theme event
Some of our cabaret performers for hire in Brighton and London, a trio of cute vintage dancers in black and gold costumes at London corporate event
Some of our cabaret performers for hire in Brighton and London, male cabaret singer with vintage microphone next to dancer in gold dress with cigarette

Cabaret Performers & Entertainment

Cabaret has seen a huge rise in popularity around the globe in recent years. We have a vast array of cabaret performers for hire available for shows and events across Brighton, London and the South East. Variety is most certainly the spice of life. The variety show performance that cabaret offers brings a certain ‘big night out’ feel to any event. Audiences are now expecting much more for their money. Cabaret nights combined with dinner and dancing afterwards are most certainly the full package.

Cabaret appeals to all ages and particularly to women. Younger audiences love the vintage elements, sense of glamour, circus skills and retro comedy references. Mature audiences often complain that there aren’t many good entertainment options for their demographic other than dining and theatre shows. So cabaret works on many levels.

Cabaret singers and hosts

The backbone of any good cabaret is the singer and host or hostess. With their skills often described as ‘triple threat,’ they must have exceptional singing skills, killer comedy compering, dancing and be excellent at audience interaction. Often involving the audience in games and cabaret dares to hilarious effect. Their job is to steer the show from start to finish because with cabaret anything can happen!

One of our cabaret performers for hire in Brighton and London, broken doll fire performer holding two flaming fire sticks on stage at cabaret show in Brighton
Stunning cabaret performers for hire in Brighton and London, acrobalance due perform on a roulette table at a casino themed event
Glam cabaret performers for hire in Brighton and London, female tap dancers in top hat and tails performing at cabaret event in London

Drag Queens and Drag Kings

A popular choice for a singer and host is often a Drag Queen or King. These suave, vintage movie star-esque, dapper gentlemen and colourful, sequinned and bejewelled divas are also the Kings and Queens of the comedy one-liner. Heckle if you dare, no one is safe!


Everyone loves a showgirl. With feathered costumes straight out of Las Vegas, they are a photo opportunity dream and their high kicking stage routines are always a crowd-pleaser.


Tap dancers, contemporary dancers, jazz couples, belly dancers, flappers, jive and jitterbug routines and much more.  All of our dance acts raise the roof at the best cabaret shows.

Variety Performers

Cabaret is the home of variety and all of the following acts can be seamlessly woven into the crazy cabaret mix.

Cabaret performers for hire in Brighton and London include this trio of moulin rouge performers posing in red and black dresses on stage at London theme event
One of our cabaret performers for hire in Brighton and London, glamorous pussycat costumed cabaret dance act at event in London
Some of our cabaret performers for hire in Brighton and London, Charleston dancers dancing at Gatsby themed corporate event in Brighton in black and gold costumes

Stage Magicians

Whether it is a vintage top hat and tails act with a glamorous assistant or a cutting-edge super cool illusionist, magic always fits the bill. 

Fire Acts

Fire acts such as a sultry dance-based body burning, fire eating and fire breathing routine are the high point of any event

Contortion and acrobatic pole Acts

A graceful circus contortion act or a male/female acrobatic pole dance act is a graceful and beautiful addition to any show. Cabaret pole dancers are all about skill and strength, often beautifully costumed and body painted.

Burlesque and Vintage Supper Club Shows

Vintage acts that hail back to the ‘supper club’ era are always popular. Burlesque is one of the best-loved of these glamorous disciplines with Boylesque attracting a strong following too. Films like The Great Gatsby, Greatest Showman, and Moulin Rouge plus TV series like Peaky Blinders have further added to the vintage cabaret phenomenon. Customers are often encouraged to dress in fashions from the Victorian, 1920’s/1930’s or wartime years with acts to match these eras and hosts to take you back in time to the age of glamour.

Themed Cabaret Shows

For fundraisers, gala events, corporate events and launches, weddings and big birthday bashes. There is nothing to please and engage your guests more than a great big glittering cabaret show!

We have several ready-made cabaret shows and are always creating more. If you would like an especially themed show tailor-made just for you please get in touch and we will be very excited to work with all your ideas.

Our list of existing shows include:

  • Viva Las Vegas
  • Circus – The Greatest Show
  • Vintage Supper Club Show
  • The Electric Cabaret 1970’s Revue
  • Moulin Rouge
  • Tropical Beach Party
  • 1920’s Prohibition/Great Gatsby
  • Royal/Medieval Banquet
  • Come Fly With Me – around the world theme
  • The Haunted House Halloween Show
  • Electric Cabaret Christmas TV Show
  • Cocktails At The North Pole
  • Christmas in New York
  • Rockstars & Popstars TV Time Machine

All cabaret entertainment is completely scalable to suit your venue size and budget. We are masters at giving you the most for your money and utilising the smallest or largest of areas for the greatest impact.

Get in touch to discuss all your cabaret performance ideas. Our performers are available for shows and events across Brighton, London and the South East. We have a great team waiting to create the most unforgettable event for you.

You can read all our tips and tricks about putting on the best cabaret shows on our blog page.