crazy magician for hire in London and Brighton wearing circus costume with flames appearing between his hands at Brighton event
pretty victorian female magician for hire in London and Brighton swallows razorblades at London theme show
modern suave magician for hire in London and Brighton shuffles cards wearing shades and slicked back hair in Brighton show

Magicians for Hire

A contemporary performer is much more than card tricks and disappearing coinage appearing again behind your ear – although we still love that. Modern magicians have raised the game, with mind-reading and street style magic. Magicians are the new rock and roll of the entertainment world. Our magicians for hire are available for shows and events across Brighton, London and the South East and come in many exciting genres.

Magicians and Illusionists For Corporate Entertainment

Add an illusion stage show to your launch, trade show or corporate dinner. A dazzling show complete with high-end production and thrilling, mind-blowing magic. Expect objects and even people to appear and disappear, in fact, expect the unexpected.

Shows can range from the dramatic and theatrical to the quirky, hilarious or vintage. Our magicians for hire can involve branded items with your company logo. Even conjuring your new product to appear in the most mind-melting ways possible.

Audience interaction is always an added fun element to every show. They may be close up and personal but even those chosen audience members won’t be able to work those illusions out. Stage-based acts vary in length and can be tailored to fit your needs. As a rough guide, many performers perform a maximum of two 20 minute sets with an interval.

Beautiful female magician for hire in London and Brighton escapologist battles chains around her with her hair flying in the air at London magic event
Magician for hire in London and Brighton. Funny duo with cute mini look a like puppets in vintage 40's outfits
Magician for hire in London and Brighton performs on stage in vintage costume at Brighton circus themed event

Magician for Party Entertainment

Break the ice and get the interaction going. We have a wealth of fabulous magicians for hire to get your guests talking and deducing how that crazy trick was done for days to come. Close Up Magic, or table magic as it is often known brings an exciting personal level of entertainment to each table at a time. Or alternatively each spellbound circle of guests standing in the bar area.

Cabaret Magicians

When you book a modern cabaret magician you can expect Derren Brown-style mind-bending, mind-reading, wit and edgy delivery. Comedy, thrills, spills and amazement. A cabaret magician usually performs a maximum of 45mins but can, of course, be versatile and shortened to any length show required.

If you crave a beautifully retro cabaret magic show with a glamorous showgirl assistant. Pristine white gloves, top hat, magic wand and sawing a lady in half we can, of course, provide the very best in old-style vintage pizazz.

vintage 40's style magicians for hire with cards spread out at show in Brighton
magic freakshow stage show with sword balancing lady in silhouette and assitants holding flaming torches
vintage sideshow style magician for hire with top hat and cane throws playing cards into the air

Magician for Wedding Entertainment

A magician is a great way to keep your guests entertained at the wedding party drinks reception. Keeping everyone happy while the lucky couple takes all the time they need to get those romantic couple photos just perfect. It’s a great mix and mingle entertainment that is perfectly unobtrusive. Leaving guests to chat with their glass of champagne as the magician moves with ease amongst the guests and family. Wowing them with sleight of hand comedy and close up magic.

A stage-based magic act can be personalised to involve the bride and groom and/or wedding guests later in the evening. This will certainly add sophistication and sparkle to the special day to leave guests talking about the evening for a long time to come.

Bizarre Sideshow and Vintage Freak Show

If you like your magic feats and thrills on the dark side you can look back to Victorian times for your entertainment inspiration. Beautifully costumed artists perform death-defying, circus-style sword swallowing, body burning, glass walking. Even asking audience members to recline on them as they lie on a bed of nails. Enjoying a bizarre buffet eating light bulbs and lit cigars amongst many other terrifying items!

These are just some of the sideshow acts available to transfix your guests. Our performers are available for shows and events across Brighton, London and the South East. Do you like a touch of shock and awe at your events? If you have an edgy brand to promote, your guests will never forget a human blockhead performer who will invite guests to hammer a nail up their nose or even a body stapling act. Warning, do not try this at home!