Video of our performers and entertainers

When thinking about filming a new showreel video of performers and entertainers we decided it had to represent exactly what our company is all about.

We have so many wonderful performers that we chose just a small cross-section of some of our most popular genres.

  • Circus style acts
  • Vintage themed performance
  • Rock and roll – darker themed and high spectacle acts
  • Burlesque, including Boylesque

What makes us different

Many agencies show their video of performers and entertainers simply as clips, one after the other. We wanted a video representation that showed how we differ from the rest. Our company is, of course, happy to supply single entertainers. We also excel at putting performers together as a fully stage-managed package with hosts and singers. Fully themed entertainment as immersive, pop up, walkabout or stage-based entertainment. Our performers are available to appear in London, Brighton and the South East. With specifically written shows and choreography, Electric Cabaret Company acts as your very own theatre company!

We decided to include presenters introducing the acts. We chose two very diverse hosts representing completely different eras to highlight just what can be achieved.

Even more performers and full shows

Of course, we have so many performers that the best place to see a larger selection is on our gallery page. Acts as diverse as mermaids in giant water tanks and pole dancing ballerinas!

Our ready-made themed shows include:

  • Viva Las Vegas
  • Circus – The Greatest Show
  • Vintage Supper Club Show
  • The Electric Cabaret 1970’s Revue
  • Moulin Rouge
  • Tropical Beach Party
  • 1920’s Prohibition/Great Gatsby
  • Royal/Medieval Banquet
  • Come Fly With Me – around the world theme
  • The Haunted House Halloween Show
  • Cocktails At The North Pole
  • Electric Cabaret Christmas TV Show
  • Christmas in New York
  • Rockstars & Popstars TV Time Machine

You can find information on all of the above productions on our Shows page.