Mermaid performer sitting on rock with beautiful coloured tail and long blonde hair, a bespoke entertainment in London and Brighton.
zombie gymnast does splits on the bar while the other zombie bites her leg with an act created for bespoke entertainment in London and Brighton
crystal ball manipulator in a mask makes a ball float for bespoke entertainment in London and Brighton

Bespoke entertainment

Our bespoke entertainment and performance is unique to you and won’t be seen anywhere else other than your event! What makes us different is we have access to a vast theatre company of performers. We can remix, re-make, produce the backing music. We supply vocalists, musicians, choreograph for dancers, write scripts, make props, and sets. We always have a very unique take on creating the most explosive, visually stimulating and highly memorable performances. Behind the scenes, we employ experts in their fields. Stage management, decor rigging, costume, technicians, security and many more. So you don’t have to lift a finger whether it’s an inside event or an outdoor party.

space-girl themed skater on one skate in a silver costume with an act designed for bespoke entertainment for corporate clients in London and Brighton.
Gatsby style bespoke event with show cast for bespoke entertainment in London and Brighton. Photographed as vintage style black and white photo
Construction worker style dancer with sledge hammer, hard hat and dungarees for bespoke entertainment in London and Brighton.

If you are having a very special private celebration or wedding it needs to be a truly unique experience. Why copy everyone else? We specialise in bespoke entertainment so no-one will have seen anything like it before. Are you a venue wanting to book a specially created, immersive or site-specific show? We write exclusive immersive and site-specific shows to your requirements. Perhaps your company has a launch or a message to get across and must stand out from the crowd? Our bespoke performance, our choreographed pop-up acts and stage shows can be produced to any scale and duration. Entertainment that is the perfect vehicle and created especially for you.

bespoke entertainment in London and Brighton, performers in floral costumes with big multi-colour flower head-pieces
bespoke entertainment fairy with huge glowing LED ball at show in London and Brighton
Punk rock performer sits cross legged with purple mohawk and leather jacket in front of sprayed wall for bespoke entertainment in London and Brighton.

We act as your own private theatre company and can create a vast range of bespoke entertainment. From romantic vintage glamour and glitz to jaw-dropping high kicking ninjas in hire wire harnesses. Wild Mad Max-style post-apocalyptic parties and sparkling circus death-defying stunts. All singing all dancing retro beauty parlour cuties to transsexual 20th-century boy rock chicks with feathered dancers. You can see just some of our many performers on our gallery page. No request is impossible for the Electric Cabaret Company. Let us bring your ideas to life. Our team is the most imaginative on the planet!