Burlesque Performers

Our fabulous burlesque performers are available to hire for shows and events across Brighton, London and the UK and are sure to bring a whole lot of sparkle and glamour to your event. Vintage glamour is eternally popular and our slick and stylish Burlesque acts have a huge following, particularly amongst women of all ages.

Our performers have appeared all over the world with many winning awards at the most acclaimed major Burlesque competitions and festivals.

Burlesque made Dita Von Tease a household name and inspired whole fashion ranges and brands with its influence also shown to be evident in the style of modern-day icons like Madonna and Lady Gaga. Traditional Burlesque is, of course, the celebration of the powerfully feminine, visually stunning and graceful art of the striptease. However, if your event is for a family audience or an audience where this wouldn’t be appropriate then a ‘Burlesque Inspired’ dance routine, such as a fan dance or chair dance combining vintage costume and Burlesque style choreography would be an alluring addition to your event.

Our Burlesque Acts

With agile and graceful routines and the focus on expensive bejewelled costumes, headdresses, corsets, sparkling stage jewellery, elaborate and sometimes oversized theatrical props and of course those famous tassels, Burlesque performers own the stage and are the epitome of sophistication and class. Burlesque is always about female power and having complete control of the audience. The art is of keeping a sense of mystery and always leaving something to the imagination, with the reveal down to tassels being generally right at the very end of the act.
Some of the most well-loved retro Burlesque routines include the following:

  • Balloon popping act

    This Burlesque classic involves a dancer covered in balloons with an elaborate long feathered hat pin or a smoking cigar to pop the balloons in a super-cute
    tease routine to great theatrical effect as they dance.

  • Chair dance

    This sassy Burlesque act involves a chair as a prop for the dancer to spin around, high kick across and balance and pose upon in a truly glamorous routine. This is a wonderfully visual show stopper when performed by a whole line of Burlesque showgirls!

  • Fan dance

    Like elegant birds of paradise with fluttering giant coloured ostrich feather wings and shimmying tail fathers, dancers tantalisingly replace one fan over
    another to stunning effect.

  • Martini Glass

    A true classic involving great agility and skill as the dancer performs inside a giant martini glass full of water, sometimes even achieving the splits by
    balancing on the edges of the glass!


Alongside traditional Burlesque performance, the following modern takes on the art form are rapidly gaining a big following:

  • Boylesque

    Those beautiful boys are also on board! Just like Burlesque, there are many theatrical characters taking to the stage for Boylesque, Victorian gents, acrobatic
    strongmen, drag acts, cowboys, suited and booted city slickers and more all get the Boylesque treatment. Often combining fire skills, pole dance acrobatics and
    feats of strength these highly skilled dancers can be both comedic and stylishly elegant.

  • Neo-Burlesque or New Burlesque

    This is the updating and revival of the original Burlesque style and can involve beautiful and striking contemporary dance, graceful cirque skill like contortion
    or acrobatics, quirky/comedy content, mini theatrical dramas and full-on stylishly sassy mayhem!

  • Gorelesque

    This deliciously dark Burlesque is a fabulous Halloween event addition. Taking us to macabre Victorian sideshow type circuses, haunted houses and spooky graveyards to name but a few of the outlandish scenarios these creatures of the night create. With sexy vampire queens complete with fake blood and super sultry zombie style performers, Gorlesque is sure to steal the show.

  • Nerdlesque

    This is a super fun take on blending Burlesque with geek culture. Science Fiction, Super Heroes, Comic-Con, binge-watching those addictive TV Series and Nintendo gaming geeks all getting the Nerdlesque treatment to fabulous effect.

At Electric Cabaret Company we specialise in Burlesque entertainment for all manner of events from corporate entertainment, launches and fundraising gala dinners to themed events, weddings and birthdays. Just contact us for further information and to bring some sparkling, Burlesque glamour into your world!